Cancellation Policy:
Our rental items are in very high demand. Therefore, if your event is cancelled for any reason by you, we will NOT return any monies paid. However, we will issue a credit to you that will be
valid up to one year from cancellation date. ALL RENTALS ARE FINAL.
Start Time: The start time for the event starts at the time specified in the body of the
End Time: We will pick up at the time listed on this rental agreement with you the customer. Please be aware if the event runs past the stated time on the contract and we are unable to start
breaking down, we will charge an additional fee of $25.00. No pickups are available after 1am unless prior arrangements have been made.
Responsible Party: The representative for the event who signs this contract and is
responsible for the conduct of guests and financially responsible for the event. The responsible party is also responsible for any theft, damage by guests, property and the Dallas Fort Worth, Premier Party Prop Rentals property, as well as personal injury during the time of this

Throne Chairs, Letters Table Rental Terms and Conditions
When renting the throne chairs & letters table (items), you agree to the following: You understand that Dallas Fort Worth Premier Party Prop Rentals and more is not responsible for accidents or injuries caused directly or indirectly in the use of any rented item, and is released of any legal action that might be a result.
You will be renting these items, and are expected to return them. Prices are for a specific period of time. If you do not return any items, you will be charged the FULL amount for that rental
Due to weather during the months of the beginning of December to the end of March we do
not return any deposits due to snow storms or any other inclement weather that will endanger the welfare of our workers. If the weather is a factor, we will try our best to deliver your items
but the safety of our drivers is our biggest concern
If you damage an item including glass for table top, you will be charged a repair fee, to be determined by Dallas Fort Worth Premier Party Prop Rentals If damage is beyond repair, you will be charged the FULL cost of the rental item. If you return an item needing to be cleaned or replaced (tape residue, wax, food, drinks, etc.), you will be charged a cleaning fee, to be determined by Dallas Fort Worth Premier Party Prop Rentals. This cleaning fee will be in addition to the rental cost. You will not MODIFY any items belonging to Dallas Fort Worth Premier Party Prop Rentals
The Throne chair rentals are solely for the guest of honor not for everyone to sit, lounge, eat, drink, jump or stand on. These are high end pieces of furniture. If we find any kind of marks, other than the ones that are on our normal wear and tear which we will point out to you when we arrive we will charge for the cleaning and if damage is beyond repair, the full cost of the

rented item will be billed to you. These chairs range from $1200 to $1800.00 so please take care
of it and do not let kids or anyone else around chair/benches with these things especially
food. Please do not have drinks or food near rental. Cake, drinks, pen, pointy objects or even people with dyed jeans, will seep into the fabric. Spaghetti, Curry and wine stains do not come off. YOU’RE RESPONSIBLE for all damages done to chairs.

General Photo Release:
Renter agrees that Dallas Fort Worth Premier Party Prop Rentals may take images of their rental items being used for any event
and may use images for company’s portfolio, website and for advertising, with a non-exclusive royalty-free license to use these images.
We only rent Throne Chairs, and Letters for event halls NO apartments,
HOMES and NO outside events, Unless previously arranged by Dallas Fort Worth Premier Party Prop Rentals
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have caused this agreement to be
effective as of the day, month and year first written below.